From Gourmet Magazine, October 1998
“Passionate about making their fountain authentic, the Wurtzes put in a tin ceiling, mirrored backbar…and they based their men on sweetshop manuals from the turn of the century…Malts, shakes and sundaes at Edgar’s are supplemented by such swoonful combos as a Black Diamond (chocolate ice cream slathered with hot fudge) and a Rocket (a vertical banana split) Phosphates and sodas are especially inventive here…”

From Midwest Living, August 1990
“One bit of modern décor, the neon ‘Edgar’s’ sign against the back wall, is Edgar Schmiedt’s oversize signature. But it’s as authentic as all the nostalgic cherry-cola phosphates, Green Rivers, banana sodas and other ice cream concoctions the Wurtzes mix by hand. Many of the recipes they use come from Edgar’s dog-eared old soda-fountain manual…It’s a particular favorite or grandparents, who bring their grandkids in to show them what a real soda tastes like.”

“One of the finest soda fountains in the State.” That quote comes from the July 5, 1906 edition of the Centerville Journal, when Edgar’s became an addition to the town pharmacy. This description is as accurate today as it was almost a century ago.

The fountain first made its appearance in 1906 in Centerville, SD. After nearly 50 years of service, it was taken out of Schmiedt Drug in the early 1960’s. Almost two decades later, the owners of Pioneer Drug in Elk Point, SD, Kevin and Barb Wurtz rediscovered the fountain and spent nearly 18 months restoring the fountain and renovating their building to bring back this unique piece of history.

Edgar’s is named after Edgar Schmiedt, the grandfather of Barb Wurtz, one of the owners of Pioneer Drug and Edgar’s. Edgar began as a druggist in Centerville and spent his entire career there, eventually owning his own drug store and soda fountain. Edgar began a tradition in pharamacy, with three generations of pharmacists practicing in the Midwest. With the restoration of the soda fountain, this tradition also carries on with Barb’s pharmacist husband, Kevin.

Edgar’s represents a return to old fashioned values and tastes. Some of the creations you find at Edgar’s come straight from the original manuals printed in 1906.